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GL18RFL - GL1800 2012+ LED Rectangular Driving/Fog Lamp Kit

  • 29995

You get 3-in-1! This is the best Driving/Fog Light LED upgrade available. These lights will also update the Look on your Motorcycle with Daytime Running Lights. 2001-2010 models can also upgrade to these lights, BUT you will also need to purchase the Show Chrome (P/N: 52-908) rectangular cut-out cowl. Single projector with High Definition optics and advanced LED design produces a clean white light and throws a wide horizontal beam sure to light up ditches and cuts thru the rain/fog like never before with other systems. Our engineers added daytime LED running lights to sport the new look of modern vehicles. DRL's (Daytime Running Lights) stay on and when you activate your turn signals they switch to BLINKING AMBER.

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