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G18LEDH - GL1800/F6B High Beam LED Headlight Bulbs

  • 11000


This a direct Hi OR low beam HEADLIGHT LED replacement bulb that is PERFECT for all Goldwing Models that uses a Standard H7 incandescent bulb (Factory). These bulbs are very bright and they put out some serious light, over 4800 lumens.

This New Generation H7 LED is extremely bright and efficient compared to standard bulbs. Drawing only a few amps and no ballasts required, it plugs directly into your bike's H7 power connector. The heat sink copper braid is for cooling the solid state electronics. The copper braid temperature is moderate and will not damage other wiring or components that it might come in contact with. If you want the brightest bulb for both hi and low beams, this is the bulb for you!

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