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1009 - Back Off Wig Wag Modulator

1009 - Back Off Wig Wag Modulator

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The BackOFF™ Wig-Wag™ Brake Light Module automatically flashes your dual brake lights to capture the attention of following drivers and to make your motorcycle more visible. This module is specifically designed for use with motorcycle's that are equipped with 2 brake lights located side by side. The Wig-Wag™ enables your brake lights to alternate back and forth in a wig-wagging pattern. When installed, the motorcycle's brake light becomes significantly more noticeable because your brake light will flash with your choice of 2 attention getting wig-wagging patterns. This module is designed to work with standard incandescent brake lights, LED brake lights, or a combination of both.

Note: Do not install this module on your turn signals as it can confuse drivers behind you. Also, this module is rated at 10 amps which can generally drive up to (3) standard bulbs, we recommend only connecting it to one pair of brake lights.

Flash patterns when you apply your brakes
Mode 1: Emits a visual signal of 5 alerting quick flashes of the left and right brake lights followed by 4 short flashes of both brake lights. The 4 short flashes automatically repeat as long as the brakes are applied.

Mode 2: Emits 5 alerting quick flashes of the left and right brake lights followed by 4 short flashes of both brake lights in unison. Your brake lights will remain steady on after this sequence while you're stopped.

These flash patterns are not random, but have been selected because of their ability to gain and retain following driver's attention. Most states drivers handbooks recommend that you flash your brakes when slowing or stopping. The BackOFF™ Wig-Wag™ automatically facilitates compliance and enhances safety. Install the BackOFF™ Wig-Wag™ and see how much more effective your brake light can be!

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